Batmud: Newbie enchantment quest

It has long been the case that new players can have trouble getting useful gear. The newbie enchanters are a way for players of level 60 or below to add bonuses to nonmagical gear without needing to fight powerful monsters or gather together large parties.

The process won’t happen over night, but can be used to create any number of custom items. It involves performing various of tasks for npc’s located near Arelium, and optionally the assistance Templar or Spider guild member during the final enchantment.

One side note is that this process is the only easy way to get equipment filling the ‘rig’ slot to have any bonus stats.

Important NPCs

Pietro J. DeCrystato, aka A seedy looking human  – Located at Global: 8561x, 8674y.

Ask him about items. Once per day will be willing to send you on a scavenger hunt for a few items. Some will be easier to get ahold of than others. If you succeed, he’ll give you a gem for another npc to use to imbue power into an item. Chosing to find more difficult items will give a more powerful gem.

Shahr’issa Voltanax, aka Drow Enchantress. Located at Global: 8519x, 8662y

Will use a gem from Crystato to enchant an item for you – if you bring her a corpse of a particular variety. Choosing a more difficult corpse will be rewarded with her being willing to imbue more powerful gems.

Saeginus Mhuran, aka Valar Encanter. Located at Global: 8536x, 8673y in a shrine.

Will use a gem from Crystato to enchant an item for you – if you complete or have already completed a particular quest. Choosing a more difficult quest will be rewarded with him being willing to imbue more powerful gems.

Saeginus Mhuran says 'Here is what you must do:'
Enchanting an item gives that item a magical bonus. It could be a bonus
to an attribute, or a special combat enhancement. The effect lasts as
long as you wear or wield (whichever is appropriate) the item in question.
Once enchanted, the item's power is linked to you, and only you may use
that item from that point onwards.
Enchanting an item requires three things:
-- the item itself. It must be a weapon or armour that does not yet
have any magical powers (but nonmagical powers, such as the light
shed by illumium metal items, is okay)
-- an enchanting jewel. These rare baubles look like gemstones in
metal settings. A yellow one is powerful enough to bond a weak
power into an item.
-- a religious ceremony. I can take care of the ritual, but it would go
much better and give stronger results if I had an assistant who was
skilled in the art of 'prayer'. They won't need to do too much, but
they do need to be here when the ritual begins.
Syntax: enchant <item> using <jewel> power <which power to enchant>
As me about 'powers' to see the list of powers I can endow.
Saeginus Mhuran says 'I can also make an already enchanted item stronger, if you bring me a stronger jewel. The syntax is the same.'
Both armours and weapons can have the following:
strength         intelligence          wisdom
dexterity        constitution          charisma
hit point regeneration   spell point regeneration
Armours can have the following:
cutting protection       stabbing protection
bashing protection       general protection
impact/magic/fire/cold/poison/lightning/asphyxiation/psionic/acid resistance
Weapons can have the following:
magic/fire/cold/poison/ligntning/asphyxiation/psionic/acid damage
to hit                   damage