Batmud: Mage guild

This is a copy of my old mage guide. It is not wildly inaccurate but needs significant editing and is here primarily to assist linking.



Full blown mages are able to produce large amounts of elemental damage. The ‘mage’ guild is a 10 level guild that allows entrance to the specialist guilds for each damage type, each of which is also 10 levels. When you have at least one of those specializations maximized, you can join the ‘inner circle’ guild, to get strong protective and utility magic.

Before becoming a mage

You will need:
A good intelligence boosting held item or weapon which counts as a ‘staff’ or a ‘wand’. If you can’t afford anything, there is a task you can do to get a newbie staff that’s good for about +3 intelligence. You’ll then use the ‘create staff’ skill to turn this into a mage staff, which will grant increasingly powerful benefits over time.
An intelligence set, preferably a lightweight one. As a mage, your damage and spell point maximum will be influenced by your intelligence.
A large large leather pouch for storing reagents. You can get them for 60k at Asidonhopo’s general store. A reagent pouch will let you store the reagents required for the best mage blasts, as well as the best conjurer protection spells. You can ‘claim’ a pouch you’ve bought for 10k gold at Bayprixes, this will increase its resistance to damage. There is a task to get a newbie pouch, which can help you practice using reagents, but the newbie pouch doesn’t really hold enough to bother with.
Reagents, preferably power reagents. Reagents are needed for your best blasts, and their quality determines how many spell points you’ll use up when casting them. Reagents are a fairly constant drain on a mage’s cash supply.
A spell point regeneration set, preferably a lightweight one. Spr gear is a standard requirement for all spellcasters.
Experience. How many experience points it takes to make a decent mage is inversely proportional to the quality of the gear you own. This is true of all guilds of course. If you have a 20M value equipment set and boons, you can make a passable thrikhren mage with even very low experience totals. If you have little or no guear, then the sky is the limit.
Friends, or memebership in the riftwalker guild. Straight mages who know what they’re doing CAN solo, especially with levels in other magical guilds, but they have a harder time of it than anyone else except healers.

Mage staff
Using the ‘create staff’ skill, you can turn many items meant to be worn in the held slot or wielded into a special mage staff. Your percentage in this skill doesn’t make much difference, unless you’re trying to replace the stats of an old staff with new ones. The created staff is a normal item in every way, and can be kept through rebirths, protected, and disintegrated. It retains the standard bonuses of whatever item was used to create it, but loses all other special abilities. As you adventure with this item, its power will grow, and it will start giving special bonuses.

Essence masteries grow as you use your strongest targeted blast spells. They grant a few special bonuses, notably some special damage strikes and the slowdown of the use of reagents.

Mage Leadership
The mage who has the most essence in a type can be the leader of that type. They are eligible for a special ‘rank’, their status will be displayed in their ‘finger’ information, they can cast blasts of that type without consuming reagents, and can use the ‘mage scan’ command.

Batmud: Rangers guild

This guide is a little dated, but mostly accurate. I’m putting it up to help linking articles to each other.

Rangers have a lot of versatility, but do not have the same focus on offensive power as barbarians or the Crimson Brigade’s skill in defense and leadership. For this reason, many dismiss it as a newbie guild. Their high hit points, strong basic combat skills, and skill at exploring a hostile world should indeed make them a popular choice for new players. While more advanced nomads often prefer to specialize as a Barbarian or Crimson, there remain more than a few who find the versatility the ranger guild offers invaluable, not to mention the enhanced peer skill. As nomads go, rangers tend to have the easiest time playing alone, yet should also have little difficulty finding a party.

Overall abilities:

Rangers are above average in their overall offensive ability. They are best with axes, but can also use short and long blades. Rangers don’t get the barbarian’s damage boosts, but bladed fury is a very strong offensive skill. Rangers are a little worse than most other nomad guilds in defensive ability.

Rangers have by far the best recovery and healing skills of the nomads. With enough fire building and mastery of fire building, a ranger can noticeably add to the speed at which a party recovers, and their tremendous skill in camping allows extra fast personal healing as well, not to mention their ability to create herbal remedies.

Other abilities:

Rangers have a slew of secondary skills available to them, some useful, others largely worthless. Keep in mind that many of these skills are important for the ranger quests, and thus even a character with infravision may want to put torch creation up a considerable amount if they want torch 1000. Other skills, such as location memory, needent be pushed all that high for the average ranger. Most rangers will want to train hiking and pathfinding to compensate for their lack of navigator spells.

Combining nomad hit points and skills like hiking, enhanced peer, alertness, and scouting, rangers are an acceptable option for new players who want to explore as much of the mud as possible. Their only real deficit when it comes to exploring is the lack of an invisibility spell, alchemist potions are an expensive but wise investment for the ranger looking to travel in dangerous places.

Ranger Quests

Rangers have a number of guild quests they can use to earn points toward a few special abilities called ranger boons. Some of the quests require deliberate effort to go and get, but many of them are actually quite easy to accomplish while healing up after soloing for a while.
Quest List

Quest Name                          Earning the Quest may require:
 Torch 1000                          Torch Creation, Patience
 Torch 5000                          Torch Creation, Extreme Patience
 Torch 25000                         Torch Creation, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
 Push 10                             Push, must be low player level and not have reinc exp left
 Bladed fury 150                     Bladed Fury, influencing factors
 Bladed fury 200                     Bladed Fury, influencing factors
 Bladed fury 250                     Bladed Fury, influencing factors
 Bladed fury overkill                Bladed Fury, kung-fu mastery of slicing and dicing
 Camping 175                         Camping, influencing skills
 Camping 222                         Camping, influencing skills, and probably high con
 Camping 100000                      Camping, influencing skills, and narcolepsy
 Leather craft muff                  Leather Craft
 Warm newbies                        Fire building, newbie friends/toadies
 Excellent cooking                   Hunting, Fire building, mastery of fire building
 Fire building professional          Fire building, mastery of fire building
 Fire building master                Fire building, mastery of fire building, pyromania
 Catch a pheasant                    Hunting
 Catch a mackeral                    Fishing
 Catch a marlin                      Fishing
 Catch one of each fish              Fishing
 First aid 100                       First aid, make bandage, plant lore
 Win the king of hiking event        Hiking, knowledge of the maps, fast connection, miracle
 Shroomin                            Plant lore, patience, knowledge of the world
 51 daughters                        Overall might
 Ranger lord 25                      Overall ranger skills
 Ranger lord 50                      Overall ranger skills
 Ranger lord 75                      Overall ranger skills
 Ranger lord 95                      Overall ranger skills
 Become ranger lord                  If you don't know by now...

Fun Facts about the torch quests
Although high skill at torch creation lets one make two torches at once, the torch quests are legendary in their ability to turn good players into robots. Some quick math shows us why these quests are so universally loathed: Torch creation is a twelve round skill, i.e. 36 seconds per use. Thus torch 1000 takes a rough minimum of 18,000 seconds to accomplish even if your character always make two torches at once. Our good friend torch 5000 thus takes an additional 90,000 seconds, and grandpappy torch 25000 takes 450,000 seconds. All in all, this amounts to 125 hours, divide by 24 for  6.25 days. Six and a quarter days of real life time fashioning tens of thousands of sticks in the likeness of the one lodged up Duke’s…hey, I’m kidding, kidding! Duke’s a good coder, he probably put the torch quests in just to poke fun at the Lords of Chaos.

Ranger boon list

 | #      Boon                Desc                                          |
 | 1      bladed fury         Gives your bladed furies +10 damage           |
 | 2      camping             Gives +20 heal when camping                   |
 | 3      discount            Guild levels cost 25% less money              |
 | 4      enhanced peer       +25% to enhanced peer                         |
 | 5      fast camp           Let's you wait less time between camps        |
 | 6      fast scout          Scouting takes only 1 rounds                  |
 | 7      fire building       Gives your fires +1 regeneration              |
 | 8      hiking              +25% to hiking skill                          |
 | 9      leather craft ep    Leather craft takes 50% less ep               |
 | 10     long blades         +4% to long blades skill                      |
 | 11     turbo push          Push skill can now interupt skills/spells     |
 * means you have the boon
 Each boon costs 10 quest points
 Command: pray <number>
 pray for clear - clears all ranger boons, 1 use per 7d

Ranger boon selection

The short answer for what boons to take is “The camping ones”
A quick look at the list of boons shows that many of them can help get more of the ranger quests done. Bladed fury, fire building, camping, hiking, and leather craft can all be boosted with ranger boons, which in turn opens up the chance to get more of the quests. Since the boons can be reset once a week, there is little risk in experimenting. A cash strapped soloer might have a surprising amount of luck combining ‘fast camp’ and ‘leather craft ep’ for instance.

Batmud: Disciples guild

The Disciples of Chaos is a 10 level guild that provides the entry point to one of the full blown Chaos guilds. The open Chaos guilds are Tzarakk, Kharim, and Alaena. Nergal will be open in roughly 2 weeks.

Any evil_religious, nomad, or civilized character who hasn’t joined a barred guild can become a Disciple by visiting the Temple of Chaos in Furnachia.

This guild gives a little training in many common weapons and basic skills, but is primarily a stepping stone to the higher end Chaos guilds. If it has a distinctive feature, it’s access to the Chaotic spawn skill, though only a member of the full chaos guilds can master this alternate form.

| Skills available at level 10  | Max |
| Consider                      |  70 |  
| Push                          | 100 |     
| Tinning                       | 100 | 
| Controlled panic              |  30 |  
| Alertness                     |  30 | 
| Swim                          |  50 |
| Torch creation                |  50 | 
| Hiking                        |  30 | 
| Kick                          |  60 | 
| Attack                        |  75 |
| Short blades                  |  50 | 
| Polearms                      |  50 | 
| Negate offhand penalty        |  30 | 
| Shield bash                   |  10 | 
| Bludgeons                     |  50 |  
| Long blades                   |  50 | 
| Stun                          |  20 |
| Chaotic spawn                 |  50 | 
| Choreography of mutilation    |  10 |
| Clawed strike                 |  50 |
| Kiss of death                 |  30 | 
| Throw weight                  |  30 |
| Enhance criticals             |  10 |
| Tumbling attack               |  30 |
| Dodge                         |  30 |

| Spells available at level 10  | Max | 
| Darkness                      |  75 | 
| Greater darkness              |  50 |   

Batmud: Tzarakk Guild

Tzarakk overview

Tzarakk is a 20 level evil_religious guild which can be taken after one has 10 levels of Disciple. They offer benefits for players of any level and focus on mounted combat with polearms. They are extremely effective at soloing experience and cash and are acceptable damage dealers in experience parties. On the downside, they are reputed to have trouble fighting larger equipment monsters. It can be joined in the northeast section of the temple of chaos in Furnachia and the main guild is located in Lucentium near and a bit southwest of Lorenchia.

Tzarakk benefits

Becoming a Tzarakk gives easy access to a useful combat mount which needs little maintenance and which grows in power. As such, Tzarakks can travel almost anywhere very quickly without using endurance points, haul lots of loot with saddlebags, take vastly less damage in combat, and get large bonuses to important skills like attack and dodge. Tzarakk use polearms, which are the least expensive way to do high damage in melee combat. Tzarakks, like all mounted guilds, can wield bigger weapons while mounted, so they can do acceptable damage even as a size 60 race.

Tzarakk drawbacks

Tzarakk don’t get much in the way of self healing, which is rare for an evil_religious guild. It is difficult to get a Tzarakk mount to have high resistances, which makes fighting equipments monsters challenging. They don’t get all that much riding skill either, such that bigger monsters will dismount them relatively easily. Tzarakk do not get any excellent damaging skills.

Tzarakk quickstart


Join in the northeast section of the Temple of Chaos in Furnachia.


Sail to Lucentium and head to the Temple of Tzarakk. Go to the altar in the guild and ‘pray to tzarakk’. ‘Sacrifice’ animal corpses at the altar to qualify for advancement. You can sacrifice several small corpses instead of one big one if you have to. Train the required skills and spells and advance as you have the free levels to do so.

Important skills and spells

Tzarakk’s core skills are the similar to those of all mounted tanks. Riding, combat riding, dodge, your weapon skill, in this case polearms, attack, combat sense, etc. Rampage is the guild’s primary damage skill, and it benefits a bit from most of the other combat skills the guild can train. Rampage isn’t spectacular, so if you’re a reaver you might use your reaver off skills instead. Your mount will give you big bonuses to the attack skill, so make note of that before trying to train it to 100. If you know you’ll be in the kinds of parties that rarely break for regen, bestial frenzy can give very nice stat bonuses. Steed of tzarakk is important for bringing your mount to you, study it more if you’ll be entering areas which have special movement syntaxes. Create hunting trophy doesn’t need to be cranked, but higher skill is said to let you make a trophy from smaller monsters. Trophies are used to gain bonuses to how high you can train certain skills. Summon dire boar is not powerful, but the boar can soak some extra damage for you, handy for newbies or those soloing cash.

Gaining reputation

Tzaarak have a reputation system which determines the power of their mounts. Your mount’s aura and species will grow more powerful as you feed it, giving you higher bonus skills and size, and giving the mount more health, endurance, resistances, and even flight. After killing a monster ‘tzarakk chaosfeed corpse’ is the syntax to feed the soul to your mount. Do it a second time to feed the corpse itself to your mount, which keeps it from getting hungry and removes the need for a shovel.

Other things to do

Get saddlebags and don’t leave them on your mount when you log out. Nullium saddlebags are popular for those Tzarakk who chose to use the chaotic spawn skill. Get trophies for their bonuses. That’s about it.

Trophies and bonuses

These are a listing of the trophies I know about and their bonuses.

+---------------------------=( Trophies of Someone )=--------------------------+
| alligator skin            train/study negate offhand penalty: +5%            |
| bear skin                 train/study mangle: +10%                           |
| bear tooth                train/study bestial frenzy: +10%                   |
| bird feathers             train/study find weakness: +5%                     |
| buffalo hide              train/study impale: +5%                            |
| bull horns                train/study alertness: +7%                         |
| chimera's tail            train/study parry: +6%                             |
| claw of the sabretooth    train/study parry: +4%                             |
| enormous fishbone         train/study hunting: +10%                          |
| hardened mud              train/study stunned maneuvers: +10%                |
| head of feline            train/study stunned maneuvers: +10%                |
| head of the sloth         train/study camping: +5%                           |
| hide of a giraffe         train/study alertness: +5%                         |
| hide of a zebra           train/study alertness: +4%                         |
| hide of the feline        train/study discipline: +6%                        |
| hyena's head              train/study impale: +5%                            |
| leopard hide              train/study mangle: +10%                           |
| mane of the lion          train/study riposte: +10%                          |
| monkey skull              train/study stun: +6%                              |
| moose horns               train/study alertness: +6%                         |
| reindeer                  horns train/study hunting: +10%                    |
| rhinoceros horn           train/study tumbling attack: +5%                   |
| raccoon fur               train/study bestial frenzy: +10%                   |
| scales of a drake         train/study find weakness: +5%                     |
| scales of a seamonster    train/study discipline: +7%                        |
| shark tooth               train/study discipline: +4%                        |
| snake scales              train/study shield bash: +10%                      |
| stinger of scorpion       train/study alertness: +8%                         |
| tail of a seamonster      train/study riposte: +10%                          |
| tail of a skunk           train/study negate offhand penalty: +3%            |
| tentacle of squid         allows saddle on mount                             |
| tiger hide                train/study negate offhand penalty: +7%            |
| tooth of the sabretooth   train/study mastery of mounted combat: +5%         |
| tortoise shell            train/study bestial frenzy: +10%                   |
| tusk of the elephant      train/study combat riding: +5%                     |
| unicorn horn              train/study stun: +4%                              |
| whale oil                 train/study riposte: +10%                          |
| wings of a griffon        train/study rampage: +5%                           |
| wolf hide                 train/study discipline: +3%                        |

Advancement thresholds

You can get some idea of how close your steed is to advancing in power by looking at it. The mane and glow will both indicate how close they are to advancing. As the mount grows in power, the mane and glow will advance to 100%, then go back to 0% repeatedly before you see any change.

 unnoticeable 0-10
 dim          11-25
 ambient      26-49
 bright       51-75
 radiant      76-85
 eye-blinding 86-95
 pulsating    96-100

Mount Races and Auras

The race and aura of the mount will advance at different rates, and depends a bit on if you’re killing lots of little things or lots of big things. In the end everyone gets where they’re going though.

Race        Aura
Donkey      Anorexic (This stage doesn't last long at all)
Pony        Feeble
Camel       Shaky
Zebra       Solid
Horse       Muscular (Definitely get saddlebags by now)
Unicorn     Pulsating 
Wyvern      Fluctuating (Wyvern and higher can fly, even over lava)
Wyrm        Shimmering
Chimera     Flaming 
Nightmare   Radiating 
Abomination Chaos emitting/Wildly Flaming

At level 20, this guild grants:

 | Skills available at level 20  | Max |
 | Consider                      | 100 | 
 | Essence eye                   |  80 |  
 | Create hunting trophy         | 100 | 
 | Alertness                     |  50 | 
 | Chaotic defilement            | 100 |  
 | Hunting                       |  50 |
 | Camping                       |  90 |
 | Hiking                        |  60 | 
 | Riding                        |  30 | 
 | Kick                          | 100 |
 | Switch weapon                 |  50 | 
 | Cast chaos                    | 100 |
 | Cast control                  |  50 | 
 | Cast generic                  | 100 |  
 | Attack                        | 100 |
 | Ceremony                      |  50 | 
 | Trample                       | 100 |  
 | Raise mount                   | 100 | 
 | Polearms                      |  90 |
 | Negate offhand penalty        |  50 |
 | Shield bash                   |  50 |
 | Impale                        |  80 | 
 | Combat riding                 |  60 | 
 | Find weakness                 |  50 | 
 | Bestial frenzy                |  60 | 
 | Stun                          |  60 | 
 | Charge                        | 100 |
 | Riposte                       |  20 | 
 | Choreography of mutilation    |  50 | 
 | Clawed strike                 | 100 | 
 | Kiss of death                 | 100 | 
 | Combat damage analysis        |  85 |
 | Defence sense                 |  50 |
 | Throw weight                  |  75 | 
 | Discipline                    |  50 | 
 | Mangle                        |  50 | 
 | Enhance criticals             |  80 |
 | Parry                         |  50 | 
 | Rampage                       |  60 |  
 | Tumbling attack               |  60 | 
 | Mastery of mounted combat     |  50 |
 | Stunned maneuvers             |  50 |  
 | Combat sense                  |  75 |  
 | Dismount                      |  60 | 
 | Harvest soul                  |  70 | 
 | Dodge                         |  70 |   

 | Spells available at level 20  | Max |
 | Infravision                   | 100 | 
 | Preserve corpse               | 100 |    
 | Glance of predator            | 100 |
 | Eyes of nature                | 100 | 
 | Banish mount                  | 100 | 
 | Steed of tzarakk              | 100 |  
 | Defile animal                 | 100 |    
 | Summon dire boar              | 100 | 
 | Fury of nature                | 100 | 
 | Summon beasts                 | 100 |

Batmud: Riftwalker Guild

Riftwalker overview

Riftwalker is a 15 level guild which can be taken by any magical background character who has finished their race guild. It focuses on letting magical characters survive melee combat by summoning defensive entities. Riftwalkers also get cold based blasting spells, and riftwalkers at or below level 50 gain spell points back quickly by killing things. The guild can be entered by touching a sphere which floats randomly around a lake northwest of Shadowkeep and south of Beaumont Hamel. The sphere shows up as a blue ‘o’ on the map and can be hard to get to without some means of floating or walking under water.

Riftwalker benefits

Riftwalker is the second best newbie guild in the game. Riftwalkers can fight in the front row with low risk of death when they have an elemental entity summoned. This means that they can solo safely and tank in some types of parties, though they’ll never be great at tanking. Riftwalkers can gain spell points back when they kill a monster they’ve cast ‘spark birth’ upon, with a chance inversely proportional to their level. This makes it possible to be a low level blaster and not run out of spell points so quickly. Riftwalkers can visit their guild and then return to their previous location very quickly with the create rift spell, as such they can train more easily than any other guild in the game.

Riftwalker drawbacks

Entities eat about 15% of a riftwalker’s experience point earnings when summoned. If they die, they lose approximately 1% of their power, and you may suffer some penalties as well. Every time they die they’ll get angrier and will need to be pacified after a while. Entities are inferior tanks compared to even newbie players. They won’t automatically use their combat skills, so you have to monitor those in addition to your own blasts. Entities have to be controlled with a spell, and casting non-riftwalker blasts can break that control, depending on the entity and some other factors. That means you are often limited to cold damage if you want the full power of your entities. Riftwalker entities have totally separate reputation systems for each type and start off quite weak, so you have to grind reputation for each elemental type separately. Entities need to be rejuvenated over time, and you must also sacrifice weapons for them to use that also need to be replaced over time.

Entity info

You capture elemental entities by casting ‘create rift’ and hunting in the rift world for them. After catching them once, you’ll need to enter the rift world again from time to time to feed them the energy from smaller entities. Magic entities are earned after all your other entities are large enough, and are acquired through the quite easy task ‘take care of a pest’.

If you just want to be a riftwalker to earn exp and cash while waiting for a party, there’s no reason to ever use any entities beyond air and fire.

You must give your entity sparks to keep it from getting hungry. If this happens it’ll be targeted more often in parties.

As entities level up, they gain points which can enhance some aspect of their abilities. You spend these one at at time at the guild sphere by touching the cube and thinking about whatever you’d like your entity to be better at. If you want to reallocate these points, you can ask the shaman about the cost of ‘resurgence’ to see how much it would cost you in gold.

When in doubt, putting all focus points into defensive talent and valor is hard to go wrong with, but if you pay attention to the specifics of your entities, you might see some other ways to build them.


Fire entities are very good starting entities because they gain power quickly and do high damage with their unarmed attacks. In the long run they are always very good for any monsters that die in less than two blasts. Their main skill, ‘blazing sunder’ is a straight damage skill, which makes them extra useful against smaller monsters.

Special feature: Gets buffed when critted without a shield, instead of getting angry. Blazing sunder does more damage when in party with other entities.


Air entities are great for riftwalkers that like to move around a lot. They cut the endurance cost walking a great deal, and they will follow through many transport spells. Their main skill ‘suffocating embrace’ does not seem to be very good, though it does let you cast non-riftwalker blasts without losing control and can have a grapple effect.

Special feature: Will follow you through the ‘go’ spell. Suffocating embrace special does more damage when in party with other entities.


Water entities are focused more on defense. They’re great for riftwalkers with poor spr, since they have an extremely high rate of hit point regeneration. Their skill ‘subjugating backwash’ heals them and you, and while active you can use non-riftwalker blasts without losing control. They can sometimes remove poison.

Special feature: Subjugating backwash heals other rift entities when in party.


Earth entities are more durable than the other types. Their skill ‘earthen cover’ increases the physical resistance of the entity and lets you use non-riftwalker blasts when in effect. They advance in power very slowly.

Special feature: Earthen cover does not count an an offensive skill. Iron will lasts longer when in party with other entities.


Magic entities do not defend you in melee combat, and are intended to help you when you’re in the back rows of a party. They eat money, literally. Magic entities can help haul stuff around with a magic safe they can carry. Magic entities are presently considered to be not very useful, however they will soak some blasts for you, and can give limited use of the ‘absorbing meld’ spell even in back row.

Riftwalker Tasks

Riftwalker tasks are divided up into tiers, and you can’t access the higher end ones till all of the lower ones are done. Some will require participating in an eq level party. These parties will also not consider bribes of a half million gold sufficient reason to bother taking you, for future reference.

Known Tasks

 | Bulk up for battle             very hard      |
 | Rock solid                     very hard      |
 | Storm hunter                   very hard      |
 | Pyromaniac                     very hard      |
 | Bully boy                      challenging    |
 | Divine control                 challenging    |
 | Armament longevity             challenging    |
 | Ultimate force                 challenging    |
 | Suck it up                     challenging    |
 | Hold on tight                  challenging    |
 | Show your power                not very hard  |
 | Interesting salve              not very hard  |        Entity will auto-follow you if you go ld and reenter the game. Weird.
 | Defender of the earth          not very hard  |        Earth entity control is lost after a nonrift blast is cast, instead of when starting
 | Drown them all                 not very hard  |        Water entity control is lost after a nonrift blast is cast, instead of when starting
 | The grind                      not very hard  |        You can summon entities more quickly
 | Never have too much steel      not very hard  |
 | The healing touch              not very hard  |        Entity benefits more from heal spells.
 | Rough ridin                    not very hard  |        Unstun will work much better on entity. Very good!
 | Travel in style                not very hard  |        +spr
 | Task master                    not very hard  |        tasks will save over reincarnations
 | Take care of a pest            easy*          |        lets you summon magic entity, available when total rep is high enough
 | Blow them down                 easy           |        air entity control is lost after a nonrift blast is cast, instead of when starting
 | Burn them all                  easy           |        you can open combat with non-rift blast without losing control of fire entity
 | Cup half full                  easy           |        lets you store 20 rift sparks instead of 10
 | To arms brothers               easy           |        allows you to store more weapons??
 | Patch me up                    easy           |        Entity benefits more from heal spells.
 | Ride the rift                  easy           |        +int
 | Clever hands                   easy           |        enables command 'heft' to see if a weapon can be wielded
 | Brave the lance                easy           |        enables command 'stats' to see entity stats
| Skills available at level 15  | Max |
| Consider                      | 100 |   
| Essence eye                   | 100 |  
| Mana control                  |  60 | 
| Cast generic                  | 100 | 
| Cast heal                     |  80 |
| Cast protection               |  80 |
| Cast rift                     | 100 |  
| Attack                        |  40 |     
| Rift world resistance         | 100 |  
| Ceremony                      |  50 |   
| Entity control                | 100 |   
| Mastery of shielding          |  40 |   
| Quick chant                   |  60 |   
| Analysis of magic lore        |  50 |  
| Rift energy flow              | 100 | 
| Mastery of rift entities      | 100 |  

| Spells available at level 15  | Max |      
| Infravision                   |  40 | 
| Darkness                      |  70 |    
| Floating                      |  70 |
| Light                         |  70 |    
| Floating disc                 |  50 |    
| Teleport with error           |  50 |  
| Mirror image                  |  70 |     
| Consume weapon                | 100 |      
| Create rift                   | 100 | 
| Heal self                     | 100 |  
| Bind rift entity              | 100 |    
| Rift pulse                    | 100 |    
| Spark birth                   | 100 |
| Beckon rift entity            | 100 |   
| Invisibility                  |  60 |   
| Iron will                     |  80 |     
| Dismiss rift entity           | 100 |
| Summon rift entity            | 100 |
| Force absorption              |  80 |   
| Rift scramble                 | 100 |   
| Absorbing meld                | 100 | 
| Create rift vortex            | 100 |  
| Dimensional leech             | 100 |   
| Establish entity control      | 100 |   
| Regenerate rift entity        | 100 |   
| Transform rift entity         | 100 |