Batmud: Spawn form

Disciples can use the chaotic spawn skill to assume the form of a Spawn. It has a reputation system which carries over your reincarnations into any guild that has access to it. As you gain experience from slaying things, this form will give increasingly large bonuses to your base Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, and Size, and you’ll do some extra elemental damage with your tentacles. When you grow more tentacles you’ll also get some extra ring slots. If your race has undesirable traits like moving slowly in the winter, these may be suppressed. Finally, you can make use of the clawed strike skill.

This power comes with some downsides however. You’ll earn 25% less experience while in this form, you won’t be able to eat anything but dead bodies, you won’t heal unless there’s no light around, and you’ll lose access to your normal racial powers. After a while you’ll also lose access to your torso slot. As with any alternate form, you can’t train until you resume normal shape.

The maximum bonus stats are thought to be: 25% str, dex, and con, and 12.5% size, and with 4 extra ring slots being granted.