Batmud: Lucentium continent

Lucentium is the southernmost continent of the known world. It has the shortest winter and a lot of newbie friendly areas near the main city of Lorenchia. The Tzarakk and Monk guilds are based here. A lot of the more detailed and interesting areas are located in this realm.

Areas in Lucentium:

Area name:             Coordinates:

Temple of Tzarakk  7964x, 10717y

Batmud: Laenor continent

Laenor is the central continent of the known world. It is in many senses the main continent, due to its central location, the presence of Arelium, and all ferries stopping here.

Many of the newbie areas and quests are located here. Relatively few of the areas have lameassed traps to kill explorers, though there are a few very significant exceptions.

Areas in Laenor:


Nasu area 341x, 489y; Global at 8533x, 8681y


Batmud: Furnachia continent

Furnachia is the landmass located furthest to the southeast in the known world. It is more evilly aligned and dangerous than the other contents, and tends to have more monsters wandering around the land. The terrain itself is pretty dangerous, with lots of lava, swamps, and badlands. Player cities cannot be built here, so there’s not much safety to be found outside the main city of New Rilynt’tar.

The areas here aren’t actually that much more dangerous than those found in other regions, but a lot of them aren’t very accessible to newbies and can be hard to get to. Most of the darker and evil guilds are either joined on this continent or have a strong presence here.

Areas in Furnachia:

New Rilynt’tar

Temple of Chaos