Presence’s Amazing Bowl Volume Estimator

This is a bowl size estimator for when one is shopping for bowls online and they tell you the bowl’s dimensions but not the volume. You can use any unit of measure you like, but the second output assumes you’re using inches and want to know the volume in US cups. Most food bowls fall somewhere between a cylinder shape and a hemisphere shape. This utility calculates volume as an oblate hemispheroid; basically half of a squished ball.


Cubic Volume:
Capacity in US Cups (assuming inch measurements):

Things that might throw off the estimate

  • The estimate is for how much to completely fill the bowl. I for one don’t do that if I can help it.
  • If the measurments you’re given include the thickness of the bowl, the estimate will be too high.
  • If the bowl is mostly cylindrical, the estimate will be too low.
  • This is literally the first thing I’ve ever done in javascript.
  • I suck at math and at programming.

This page isn’t intended to be professionally done; I just wanted to write my first javascript function and also shop for some ramen bowls on ebay.