Batmud: Riftwalker Guild

Riftwalker overview

Riftwalker is a 15 level guild which can be taken by any magical background character who has finished their race guild. It focuses on letting magical characters survive melee combat by summoning defensive entities. Riftwalkers also get cold based blasting spells, and riftwalkers at or below level 50 gain spell points back quickly by killing things. The guild can be entered by touching a sphere which floats randomly around a lake northwest of Shadowkeep and south of Beaumont Hamel. The sphere shows up as a blue ‘o’ on the map and can be hard to get to without some means of floating or walking under water.

Riftwalker benefits

Riftwalker is the second best newbie guild in the game. Riftwalkers can fight in the front row with low risk of death when they have an elemental entity summoned. This means that they can solo safely and tank in some types of parties, though they’ll never be great at tanking. Riftwalkers can gain spell points back when they kill a monster they’ve cast ‘spark birth’ upon, with a chance inversely proportional to their level. This makes it possible to be a low level blaster and not run out of spell points so quickly. Riftwalkers can visit their guild and then return to their previous location very quickly with the create rift spell, as such they can train more easily than any other guild in the game.

Riftwalker drawbacks

Entities eat about 15% of a riftwalker’s experience point earnings when summoned. If they die, they lose approximately 1% of their power, and you may suffer some penalties as well. Every time they die they’ll get angrier and will need to be pacified after a while. Entities are inferior tanks compared to even newbie players. They won’t automatically use their combat skills, so you have to monitor those in addition to your own blasts. Entities have to be controlled with a spell, and casting non-riftwalker blasts can break that control, depending on the entity and some other factors. That means you are often limited to cold damage if you want the full power of your entities. Riftwalker entities have totally separate reputation systems for each type and start off quite weak, so you have to grind reputation for each elemental type separately. Entities need to be rejuvenated over time, and you must also sacrifice weapons for them to use that also need to be replaced over time.

Entity info

You capture elemental entities by casting ‘create rift’ and hunting in the rift world for them. After catching them once, you’ll need to enter the rift world again from time to time to feed them the energy from smaller entities. Magic entities are earned after all your other entities are large enough, and are acquired through the quite easy task ‘take care of a pest’.

If you just want to be a riftwalker to earn exp and cash while waiting for a party, there’s no reason to ever use any entities beyond air and fire.

You must give your entity sparks to keep it from getting hungry. If this happens it’ll be targeted more often in parties.

As entities level up, they gain points which can enhance some aspect of their abilities. You spend these one at at time at the guild sphere by touching the cube and thinking about whatever you’d like your entity to be better at. If you want to reallocate these points, you can ask the shaman about the cost of ‘resurgence’ to see how much it would cost you in gold.

When in doubt, putting all focus points into defensive talent and valor is hard to go wrong with, but if you pay attention to the specifics of your entities, you might see some other ways to build them.


Fire entities are very good starting entities because they gain power quickly and do high damage with their unarmed attacks. In the long run they are always very good for any monsters that die in less than two blasts. Their main skill, ‘blazing sunder’ is a straight damage skill, which makes them extra useful against smaller monsters.

Special feature: Gets buffed when critted without a shield, instead of getting angry. Blazing sunder does more damage when in party with other entities.


Air entities are great for riftwalkers that like to move around a lot. They cut the endurance cost walking a great deal, and they will follow through many transport spells. Their main skill ‘suffocating embrace’ does not seem to be very good, though it does let you cast non-riftwalker blasts without losing control and can have a grapple effect.

Special feature: Will follow you through the ‘go’ spell. Suffocating embrace special does more damage when in party with other entities.


Water entities are focused more on defense. They’re great for riftwalkers with poor spr, since they have an extremely high rate of hit point regeneration. Their skill ‘subjugating backwash’ heals them and you, and while active you can use non-riftwalker blasts without losing control. They can sometimes remove poison.

Special feature: Subjugating backwash heals other rift entities when in party.


Earth entities are more durable than the other types. Their skill ‘earthen cover’ increases the physical resistance of the entity and lets you use non-riftwalker blasts when in effect. They advance in power very slowly.

Special feature: Earthen cover does not count an an offensive skill. Iron will lasts longer when in party with other entities.


Magic entities do not defend you in melee combat, and are intended to help you when you’re in the back rows of a party. They eat money, literally. Magic entities can help haul stuff around with a magic safe they can carry. Magic entities are presently considered to be not very useful, however they will soak some blasts for you, and can give limited use of the ‘absorbing meld’ spell even in back row.

Riftwalker Tasks

Riftwalker tasks are divided up into tiers, and you can’t access the higher end ones till all of the lower ones are done. Some will require participating in an eq level party. These parties will also not consider bribes of a half million gold sufficient reason to bother taking you, for future reference.

Known Tasks

 | Bulk up for battle             very hard      |
 | Rock solid                     very hard      |
 | Storm hunter                   very hard      |
 | Pyromaniac                     very hard      |
 | Bully boy                      challenging    |
 | Divine control                 challenging    |
 | Armament longevity             challenging    |
 | Ultimate force                 challenging    |
 | Suck it up                     challenging    |
 | Hold on tight                  challenging    |
 | Show your power                not very hard  |
 | Interesting salve              not very hard  |        Entity will auto-follow you if you go ld and reenter the game. Weird.
 | Defender of the earth          not very hard  |        Earth entity control is lost after a nonrift blast is cast, instead of when starting
 | Drown them all                 not very hard  |        Water entity control is lost after a nonrift blast is cast, instead of when starting
 | The grind                      not very hard  |        You can summon entities more quickly
 | Never have too much steel      not very hard  |
 | The healing touch              not very hard  |        Entity benefits more from heal spells.
 | Rough ridin                    not very hard  |        Unstun will work much better on entity. Very good!
 | Travel in style                not very hard  |        +spr
 | Task master                    not very hard  |        tasks will save over reincarnations
 | Take care of a pest            easy*          |        lets you summon magic entity, available when total rep is high enough
 | Blow them down                 easy           |        air entity control is lost after a nonrift blast is cast, instead of when starting
 | Burn them all                  easy           |        you can open combat with non-rift blast without losing control of fire entity
 | Cup half full                  easy           |        lets you store 20 rift sparks instead of 10
 | To arms brothers               easy           |        allows you to store more weapons??
 | Patch me up                    easy           |        Entity benefits more from heal spells.
 | Ride the rift                  easy           |        +int
 | Clever hands                   easy           |        enables command 'heft' to see if a weapon can be wielded
 | Brave the lance                easy           |        enables command 'stats' to see entity stats
| Skills available at level 15  | Max |
| Consider                      | 100 |   
| Essence eye                   | 100 |  
| Mana control                  |  60 | 
| Cast generic                  | 100 | 
| Cast heal                     |  80 |
| Cast protection               |  80 |
| Cast rift                     | 100 |  
| Attack                        |  40 |     
| Rift world resistance         | 100 |  
| Ceremony                      |  50 |   
| Entity control                | 100 |   
| Mastery of shielding          |  40 |   
| Quick chant                   |  60 |   
| Analysis of magic lore        |  50 |  
| Rift energy flow              | 100 | 
| Mastery of rift entities      | 100 |  

| Spells available at level 15  | Max |      
| Infravision                   |  40 | 
| Darkness                      |  70 |    
| Floating                      |  70 |
| Light                         |  70 |    
| Floating disc                 |  50 |    
| Teleport with error           |  50 |  
| Mirror image                  |  70 |     
| Consume weapon                | 100 |      
| Create rift                   | 100 | 
| Heal self                     | 100 |  
| Bind rift entity              | 100 |    
| Rift pulse                    | 100 |    
| Spark birth                   | 100 |
| Beckon rift entity            | 100 |   
| Invisibility                  |  60 |   
| Iron will                     |  80 |     
| Dismiss rift entity           | 100 |
| Summon rift entity            | 100 |
| Force absorption              |  80 |   
| Rift scramble                 | 100 |   
| Absorbing meld                | 100 | 
| Create rift vortex            | 100 |  
| Dimensional leech             | 100 |   
| Establish entity control      | 100 |   
| Regenerate rift entity        | 100 |   
| Transform rift entity         | 100 |