Batmud: Rift scramble spell

Rift scramble cuts the reputation loss of a rift entity if it dies with this spell protecting it. Generally the loss will be reduced by 90%. On the downside, you’ll earn less experience when this spell is running. This drawback is reduced by the power of your entity.

This spell is of tremendous value when exploring, killing higher powered monsters, or killing monsters with lameassed specials/super high crit chances.

The in game help reads:

No saving throw.
Casting time: 4 rounds.
Type of spell: neutral spell.
Affecting stats: wis.
Cast type: rift.
Spell point cost: 52.
This spell will scramble the link between a rift entity and the world where it
was created. Disrupting the link effectively means the entity will lose less
power when it dies. However, the entity master will suffer a reduction in the
amount of experience he/she gains.
This spell will use a variable amount of rift sparks depending on the number
of deaths since the entity was last pacified.