Batmud: Rift pulse spell

Rift pulse is the core offensive spell for riftwalkers. It is a cold damage spell that will never disrupt control of your entity. The damage of this spell is tied to the power of all of your entities.

The pulses of a high end riftwalker aren’t half bad in terms of damage over time, assuming the enemy in question is vulnerable to cold. The only major drawback of this spell is that it doesn’t give or benefit from mage reputation.

The in game help reads:

No saving throw.
Casting time: 3 rounds.
Damage type: cold.
Type of spell: attack spell.
Affecting stats: int.
Cast type: rift.
Spell point cost: 75.
A skilled riftwalker can pull a small amount of energy from the rift world,
transform it into an incredibly cold substance, and hurl it towards an
opponent. As the power of the riftwalkers entities grows, the amount of energy
the riftwalker can extract from the rift world will increase.