Batmud: Quick chant skill

Quick chant is an essential skill anyone who regularly casts spells that take a long time to use. Quick chant essentially lets you get two or even three rounds worth of spellcasting done in one round. This skill by itself can’t let you complete spells in less than one round however.

Quick chant’s chance of working is heavily influenced by your knowledge of the spell being cast. 100% quick chant is much less useful if you’re trying to cast a spell you only have at 10%.

You can toggle quick chant on or off with ‘use quick chant’.

The in game help reads:

Skill duration: random.
Type of skill : spell casting skill (arcane skill).
Affecting stats: None.
It uses no endurance points.
Anyone who employs magic of one sort or another, will
testify that casting spells takes time. The mysterious
power, which mortals call magic, does not jump ready for ones
use at a single thought. It takes time and concentration for one
who wishes to employ magic, mainly in the form of spells.
Of course, there are times when that amount of time needed for
one to cast a spell is not available. Fortunately many years ago,
a scholar in the ways of magic discovered that by using carefully
crafted abbreviations, one could speak the words needed to harness
the power of magic more quickly, just as we use contractions and 
slang to ease our verbal form of communication. Of course, this is   
a much more refined art than simple speech. But given the proper
training and instruction, one can use these techniques to shorten
the time they require to wield their magical powers.