Batmud: Nasu area


Coder: Arakorni
Also called: 100 acre forest
Position: Laenor at 341x, 489y; Global at 8533x, 8681y
Description: A simple area that exists purely to add a little flavor. There are no known secrets and only about three small monsters.


Name Size Notes
A fluffy squirrel 3k
a wise old owl 2k
An old bunny named Rabbit 3k

Other information:

Date entered game: Before 2007, certainly. I think it’s a fairly old area.

  • Nasu is basically the Finnish name for Piglet.
  • This area is themed after “Winnie the Pooh”, and also the help file “Durand is mean”.
  • Osir, Layla, and Yanir are players from the early days?