Batmud: Maze mechanic

There are two main varieties of ‘maze’ in batmud. The simplest is a randomly generated set of rooms that tend to have a confusing layout. An example of this style of maze would be the Arelium sewers. These are mazes in the sense that they can take some time to navigate. Generally they can be solved either by mapping, or by simply wandering around.

The second style of maze breaks down the traditional movement logic, such that if you go north, going south again may not take you back to the previous room. These mazes require you figure out where each exit actually leads in order to find your destination. These mazes can almost never be solved by wandering around. Often you’ll find what you’re looking for, but run right past it and be unable to retrace your path.

The standard method of solving type 2 mazes is by dropping coins. 1 mowgles coin in room 1, 2 mowgles coins in room 2, and so on. You can then map out where each exit goes, either with a program or with old fashioned graph paper. If you have the clairvoyance ability, you can work more quickly by only entering rooms empty of coins.

Not to be confused with maize, a cereal crop used in many products.