Batmud: Mage guild

This is a copy of my old mage guide. It is not wildly inaccurate but needs significant editing and is here primarily to assist linking.



Full blown mages are able to produce large amounts of elemental damage. The ‘mage’ guild is a 10 level guild that allows entrance to the specialist guilds for each damage type, each of which is also 10 levels. When you have at least one of those specializations maximized, you can join the ‘inner circle’ guild, to get strong protective and utility magic.

Before becoming a mage

You will need:
A good intelligence boosting held item or weapon which counts as a ‘staff’ or a ‘wand’. If you can’t afford anything, there is a task you can do to get a newbie staff that’s good for about +3 intelligence. You’ll then use the ‘create staff’ skill to turn this into a mage staff, which will grant increasingly powerful benefits over time.
An intelligence set, preferably a lightweight one. As a mage, your damage and spell point maximum will be influenced by your intelligence.
A large large leather pouch for storing reagents. You can get them for 60k at Asidonhopo’s general store. A reagent pouch will let you store the reagents required for the best mage blasts, as well as the best conjurer protection spells. You can ‘claim’ a pouch you’ve bought for 10k gold at Bayprixes, this will increase its resistance to damage. There is a task to get a newbie pouch, which can help you practice using reagents, but the newbie pouch doesn’t really hold enough to bother with.
Reagents, preferably power reagents. Reagents are needed for your best blasts, and their quality determines how many spell points you’ll use up when casting them. Reagents are a fairly constant drain on a mage’s cash supply.
A spell point regeneration set, preferably a lightweight one. Spr gear is a standard requirement for all spellcasters.
Experience. How many experience points it takes to make a decent mage is inversely proportional to the quality of the gear you own. This is true of all guilds of course. If you have a 20M value equipment set and boons, you can make a passable thrikhren mage with even very low experience totals. If you have little or no guear, then the sky is the limit.
Friends, or memebership in the riftwalker guild. Straight mages who know what they’re doing CAN solo, especially with levels in other magical guilds, but they have a harder time of it than anyone else except healers.

Mage staff
Using the ‘create staff’ skill, you can turn many items meant to be worn in the held slot or wielded into a special mage staff. Your percentage in this skill doesn’t make much difference, unless you’re trying to replace the stats of an old staff with new ones. The created staff is a normal item in every way, and can be kept through rebirths, protected, and disintegrated. It retains the standard bonuses of whatever item was used to create it, but loses all other special abilities. As you adventure with this item, its power will grow, and it will start giving special bonuses.

Essence masteries grow as you use your strongest targeted blast spells. They grant a few special bonuses, notably some special damage strikes and the slowdown of the use of reagents.

Mage Leadership
The mage who has the most essence in a type can be the leader of that type. They are eligible for a special ‘rank’, their status will be displayed in their ‘finger’ information, they can cast blasts of that type without consuming reagents, and can use the ‘mage scan’ command.