Batmud: Iron will spell

My knowledge of this spell is limited. As far as I know, it’s a situational spell to protect or lower the effect of some kinds stunning. In those situations it’s probably a wonderful spell, but I know of no value to it in day to day play.

The in game help reads:

No saving throw.
Casting time: 4 rounds.
Type of spell: neutral spell.
Affecting stats: wis.
Cast type: protection.
Spell point cost: 99.
One of the most dangerous times for any warrior in battle, is when they are
knocked senseless and left unable to defend themselves. Death is usually
only an instant away, as foes readily jump to take advantage of such a
striken target. One protective spell grants the target an 'iron will'
with which to shrug off hits that may normally leave them at their
assailant's mercy..