Batmud: Houses mechanic

This is a rough draft on houses. Since the system is still somewhat a work in progress and hasn’t been fully explored, much remains unknown about how things will end up.


Summary: Houses exist to encourage old players to help new players so that everyone can gain some special bonuses. A house which doesn’t recruit and help new players is likely to fall.

Commoners vs Members:

A basic house has space for 3 full members and 6 commoners. This can be expanded to 6 full members and 9 commoners.

Characters who have never been over level 49 join houses as commoners. In spite of the name, it’s very good to join as a commoner. Houses can never hold more than 6 players who joined after reaching level 50, but if a player reaches level 50 while in a house, they become a full member without using up a slot. Thus, it is unconditionally better to join a house before level 50 if possible. Rebirthing is the only way to regain the ability to join a house as a commoner.

The only drawback to being a commoner is that they gain at most half the benefit of any active bonus package.