Batmud: Gnomish flying machine area


Coder: Merri
Also called: gnome airship, crashed airship
Position: Laenor at 406x, 596y; Global at 8598x, 8788y
Description: A crashed flying machine filled with strange forms of life, secrets, and weird items. Designed specifically for higher level newbies, players over level 50 who try to explore the depths of this place will periodically lose half their health from psionic damage. If this area has a flaw, it is that there’s a lot of puzzles, but you also tend to need a group, so exploring relies on a patient or actively interested party.


Name Size Notes
a cut up black bull is enraged 30k a blunt bull horn (glowing)
a disfigured gnome engineer (GLOWING) 100k neo burlap robes, brig control box, small gold monocle
A large green humanoid 70k
A large grey humanoid 5k
a massive brain taking up most of the room 100k Pigeon Slayer, a green glowing gemstone
, A serated bladed short sword
a medium brown bovine 4k
A medium grey humanoid 2k
A slimy tentacle 200
A slimy tentacle wiggling out from the mattress 2k
A small grey humanoid 3k
A zombified gnomish navigator fiddling with a knob 3k
A zombified gnomish navigator is taking some readings 4k
A zombified gnomish navigator turning some dials 5k
A zombified gnomish technician has a frightened look in his eye 4k
A zombified gnomish technician is looking at his hands 4k
A zombified gnomish technician scratching his butt 3k
A zombified gnomish technician struggling with the hatch 3k
A zombified gnomish worker is curled up in the fetal position 3k
A zombified gnomish worker smelling awful 3k
A zombified gnomish worker writing something in his notebook 3k
An oraklu alchemist examining a specimen 3k
An oraklu alchemist is examining the containers 3k
An oraklu botanist 5k
An oraklu physician 10k
oraklu psionic slavemaster looks like it is sleeping 10k
oraklu psionic slavemaster hovers here 20k
oraklu psionic slavemaster makes a humming noise 20k

Other information:

Origin date: Apr 24, 2004