Batmud: Game appearance guide

This is a guide for new players to help them make the game look less confusing. It contains suggestions on how to configure the game itself, not any particular client. The game defaults to light gray text on a black background, and all these suggestions assume that you’ve left it at this default.


Ansi determines how most common objects in the game are colored. By customizing this you can know more quickly if you’ve found some armour, a dangerous monster, or another player.

First off, make sure your terminal type is ansi: ‘term ansi’

‘ansi theme’ will let you choose if you want the game to be in color, and then choose from some basic color themes, which you can then customize. Suggested loadout: ‘ansi theme’, ‘y’, ‘b’

This will set aggressive monsters, mounts, nonagressive monsters, players, weapons, amours, and miscellaneous items to specific colors so you can tell what each thing is at a glance. If some things look a little dark for you, you can always change the colors later.

Now try the following: ‘ansi woundedaggrmons light red’, ‘ansi woundedmons light green’.

This will let you can see if any monster is hurt or not when you enter a room or look while in a room. Avoiding attacking wounded monsters is a good way to stay on friendly terms with other players.


Lite lets various forms of communication be highlighted in colors so they are easier to see.

Try ‘lite newbie light green’, ‘lite party light white’, ‘lite report light white’, ‘lite tell light red’


‘Battle’ controls what kinds of information you get while in combat.

‘battle listen all 2’ will reduce the amount of useless spam you get by a great deal.

‘battle rounds’ will clearly mark the beginning of each new combat round, which is very useful for timing skills and spells.