Batmud: Force absorption spell

Provides the target with minor resistance to physical damage. Exact numbers aren’t to be found in batmud, but one assumes the protection would be around 10-20%. Does not stack with similar spells, such as Armour of Aether.

Force absorption, aka fabs, isn’t as powerful as Armour of Aether, but is usually a lot cheaper to cast for the duration of protection one gets and uses no reagent. It’s most commonly used as a workhorse to cut down on damage in experience parties where AoA would be overkill.

The in game help reads:

No saving throw.
Casting time: 6 rounds.
Type of spell: defensive spell.
Affecting stats: wis.
Cast type: protection.
Spell point cost: 126.
Easily the most common spell used to protect oneself, is the spell
that creates a magical aura which gives resistance to any physical attack.
While it is not possible to make one immune to these attacks, it is
possible to drastically reduce damage done. This spell draws its resilience
from the earth itself, causing it to give a brownish aura around the