Batmud: Find weakness skill

I’ve never been entirely sure about this skill, but I think it improves your chance of breaking an enemy’s skill or spell and counters enemy armor protections. I have no estimation of how useful it is or is not.

Skill duration: random.
Type of skill : neutral skill.
Affecting stats: Int/Dex.
It uses no endurance points.
A true warrior is able not only to make the best of
his strengths in battle, but is also able to notice when
his enemy makes mistakes, which can be taken advantage of.
Many times, when an opponent misses, he may be off-balance
for just a split second. A cunning warrior can use this
to his advantage, and land a particulary hard blow while
his opponent is helpless to stop it. In addition to this,
one can also spot vulnerable spots in his opponents armour,
which can allow him to hit where it really hurts.