Batmud: Esiris Area

This is a rough draft about Esiris.

Esiris is a city accessible from all continents, and acts as a hub for the world. It can be accessed via the portals in the major cities “portal esiris”, or from any navable location in a given continent, if you have completed the esiris quest for that continent.  You can change continents there after a fifteen minute cooldown, or if you’ve done the quests, you can pay a fee to transport sooner.

Esiris quests:

Desolathia: Tell the npc Toshiaki ‘where’. He’d just love a new Hanoi game.
Furnachia: Help a postal worker in Rilynttar with a problem.
Laenor: Talk to an old goblin in Arelium for a task.
Lucentium: The booze shop npc might want some help.
Rothkiegen: Assemble a doll for no good reason.