Batmud: Elven village area

Coder: Eredlin
Location: Laenor, 727x, 135y. Global coordinates: 8919x, 8327y

Location of level quest “return the amulet”. Is very far out of the way for most players.

Monsters and npcs in this area may include:

Name Size Estimate Notes
delighted elven girl is playing here 200
White chicken is walking around aimlessly 300 Aggressive
Big gray rat chewing some scraps here 500
Spotted dog 500 Sometimes Aggro
Big black rooster watching you angrily 600 Aggressive
cheery elven boy is floating his boat 1,000
Elven messenger running past you 3,000
mournful elf female on her way to home 4,000
Baker’s wife 7,000
Cheery old baker rolling dough 7,000
elf guard with blue aura 20,000
elf guard with green aura 20,000
Eldaron, the chief of the village 20,000
HUGE female bear attacking you! 20,000 Aggressive

History and notes:

Entered game: Unknown, before 2000.

Contains the classic “Kill the guards to talk to the king” mentality of the older areas.