Batmud: Dodge skill

Dodge is one of the most effective defenses against the melee attacks of your enemies, especially those you’ll be fighting for experience. You should train it as high as you can without completely neglecting your other skills. At the lower levels of skill, you might not notice it doing much. This is because even the smallest bunnies have a lot of tumbling attack. Persevere and train this skill high, it is worth it.

Dodge gets a large bonus if you aren’t carrying much, and a large penalty if you’re overburdened. Make use of whatever means you have to reduce your carried weight. Rigs, purses, mounts with saddlebags, floating discs, feather weight spells, and airships can all help reduce the burden of your lewts. Just another reason for newbies to play Tzarakk.

The ingame help reads:

Skill duration: random.
Type of skill : neutral skill.
Affecting stats: Dex.
It uses no endurance points.
The easiest way not to die from damage taken in a fight,
is to not get hit in the first place. Avoiding blows is the
best way to stay in a fight longer. By anticipating an attack,
a warrior can move oneself out of the way, avoiding the hit.
Those who are skilled at dodging hits, can easily take on
much greater odds then those who can only get into a slugging
match with their foe. Of course, the lighter one is encumbered,
the better they are able to dodge, and the more encumbered they
are, the more hindered they are at dodging attacks.