Batmud: Consider skill

This skill lets you size up any monster to guess how powerful it is compared to you. Consider will give you a very good understanding of a monster’s basic melee capabilities, but it may not take into account any special spells, skills, or abilities it might have.

If all you want is a power estimate, any player can use the consider command instantly.

If you take to time to use this skill at a monster, you will get some extra lines of information, and will be told the monster’s experience tune.

Historical note: This skill used to inform you of a monster’s physical resistance.

The ingame help reads:

Skill duration: 1.
 Type of skill : neutral skill.
 Affecting stats: None.
 It uses 10 endurance points.
 Many an adventurer would attest that the best fight is one that leans heavily
 in your own favor, and everyone knows the best way to stack a fight in your own
 favor is to simply pick an opponent that you can handle with ease. Of course
 another general rule is that looks aren't everything. And while this is a good
 rule to follow, by looking for the right things and using a good amount of
 discretion and judgement, one can sometimes get a fair estimate of a potential
 opponent's ability. Being able to look for the right things, beyond that first
 glance, is an art.