Batmud: Chessboard area

Coder: Cyberman
Alternate names: n/a
Location: Laenor, global coordinates 8709x, 8785y

The main section has chess themed monsters. Chessboard also has two small sections that are level limited to 30. This area was very popular for solo exp before the global tune was implemented.

All the chess monsters except the pawns are aggressive to people of the opposite alignment. Most of the monsters here are golems.

Noteworthy contents:
A few eq monsters are here.

Area Inspirations and References:
Chess is a popular game which has been played since the middle ages.

Area History and Comments:

Entered game ????, certainly before 2000.

One of the level limited sections has an example of the ‘screw newbies’ mentality the game used to have. Only weaker players can enter, and it has about 6 monsters that will try to ambush and kill you. On the other hand, the pawns were easy experience newbiefood in the old days.