Batmud: Analysis of magic lore skill

This skill can let you know how badly your offensive spells are harming a monster. When you blast a monster, you may get a line informing you of how much of the damage the monster managed to resist, if any.

This skill is very useful to help you avoid wasting time and energy, either by telling you when to try a different form of damage or to skip a monster entirely. It works on more than 99% of the monsters in the game. It is known to be unreliable when paired with weak spells like ‘magic missile’.

This skill can produce the following messages indicating resistance levels:

Monstername screams in pain. –> About 0% resistant.
Monstername writhes in agony. –> About 20% resistant.
Monstername shudders from the force of the attack. –> About 40% resistant.
Monstername grunts from the pain. –> About 60% resistant.
Monstername winces a little from the pain. –> About 80% resistant.
Monstername shrugs off the attack –> About 100% resistant.

The in game help reads:

Skill duration: random.
Type of skill : neutral skill (arcane skill).
Affecting stats: Wi.
It uses no endurance points.
As powerful as magic is, it does have drawbacks.
The most common way magic is used is to be wielded as
a weapon. Due to the nature of magic, the effects of
magical spells may not be apparent. Some creatures 
themselves are born of magic, with powers
to ward off magical attacks. Others have other ways
to defeat offensive magic cast upon them. In order to
efficiently use magic to defeat a foe, means being able
to tell if your attacks are having any affect. By 
carefully studying the effects of magic one can
deduce his effectiveness against his enemy. Of course
there is said to be magic which can hide the true
effects of magic from even those most proficient at
this skill. It is said that wisdom may help discern
the effects of spells using this power.