Batmud: Absorbing meld spell

Buffs you such that if you take damage and have one of your rift entities with you, dumps some of the damage on the entity. Of course, if the entity dies, it’ll tend to blow up on you, so care is advised. Very useful for low hitpoint riftwalkers and for reducing the threat from monsters that can randomly have surprise blasts.

This spell is useless against harms. This spell will work with the magic entity, but not at full power.

The in game help reads:

No saving throw.
Casting time: 2 rounds.
Type of spell: neutral spell.
Affecting stats: wis.
Cast type: rift.
Spell point cost: 17.
With the spell the caster can link himself with their rift entity, allowing
their minion to share a portion of their pain. The spell will activate when
the caster takes a large amount of damage. The combined power of the casters
entities will decrease this damage threshold, and also increase the spell
duration. Knowledge of the spell will allow more damage to be shared with the
rift entity. The damage is distributed but not lessened (unless the riftwalker
is particularly powerful), and can still kill.
This spell uses 4 rift sparks.