Batmud: Mana control skill

By default, failing a spell still uses all the spell points required to cast it. Mana control is a useful utility skill which can reduce this penalty. At best it will save all but one of your lost spell points, but it is highly random and even at high skill levels sometimes won’t do anything at all.

The best way to save spell points is to not fail your spells, but this skill is a big help against bad luck, guild limitations, or a lack of experience to study magic to high levels of ability.

It used to be named “skill that saves sp”

The in game help reads:

Skill duration: random.
Type of skill : neutral skill.
Affecting stats: Wi.
It uses no endurance points.
Magic, due to its very nature, is not a totally reliable tool.
Even the most powerful wielders of magic can fail in their spells.
Unfortunately, once a caster attempts to use a spell, he must supply
every bit of energy and concentration to the spell, whether or not
it succeeds. While some may argue that the first step is to not
fail in the first place, many find it necessary to be able to
reclaim the lost energy that they expend, should a spell fail.
By using what some refer to as, a reflex action of the mind, upon
failing a spell, they can attempt to regain the energy they put into
the spell, before it disappears into the void, lost forever. This
is one of the few arts that challenges even the most gifted, and
its results are very sporadic. It is said that those who are
exceptionally wise are better at reclaiming the lost energies.

Batmud: Find weakness skill

I’ve never been entirely sure about this skill, but I think it improves your chance of breaking an enemy’s skill or spell and counters enemy armor protections. I have no estimation of how useful it is or is not.

Skill duration: random.
Type of skill : neutral skill.
Affecting stats: Int/Dex.
It uses no endurance points.
A true warrior is able not only to make the best of
his strengths in battle, but is also able to notice when
his enemy makes mistakes, which can be taken advantage of.
Many times, when an opponent misses, he may be off-balance
for just a split second. A cunning warrior can use this
to his advantage, and land a particulary hard blow while
his opponent is helpless to stop it. In addition to this,
one can also spot vulnerable spots in his opponents armour,
which can allow him to hit where it really hurts.

Batmud: Combat riding skill

Helps you stay on your mount, improves the bonuses your mount gives to you, and is important for the charge and trample skills. For mounted players this is a core skill like dodge and attack. Crank it, more is always better.

Skill duration: random.
Type of skill : neutral skill.
Affecting stats: Dex.
It uses no endurance points.
While riding from place to place takes little skill or effort, the same cannot
be said about fighting from the saddle. While the added speed, height, and
visibility can turn the tide to your advantage, they can just as quickly be
neutralized by an uncontrolled mount or a badly-timed twist in the saddle.
Experts among the cavalry can strike harder and remain seated after being hit.
This skill also affects how frequently and how hard your mount is struck
instead of you. Combat riding is essential for the use of the mounted attack
skills trample and charge.

Batmud: Discipline skill

This skill’s most important effect is to let you cast spells more reliably while being attacked. Technically it helps both skills and spells remain unbroken by attacks, but skills have a relatively low chance of being interrupted in day to day play. This skill doesn’t seem to do very much below 90%.

The in game help reads:

Skill duration: random.
Type of skill : neutral skill.
Affecting stats: Con/Siz.
It uses no endurance points.
Discipine is one of the most important traits a 
warrior must possess. With discipline he is able to block
out pain. Even when one is hit incredibly hard, he is 
able to continue whatever maneuver he was executing
before being hit. Hits that make most stop in their
tracks and recollect their thoughts, are simply shrugged
off by those who have this ability.

Batmud: Bestial frenzy skill

This skill gives a Tzarakk bonuses to their physical stats which rise steadily when they are in combat and fall steadily when they are out of combat. Those who use it well can gain tremendous bonuses for long periods of time. Those who use it badly will surely die. Frequently. Ironically, this ‘reckless’ skill takes more strategizing than any other aspect of the guild. One using this frenzy needs to choose gear, healing methods, and their enemies carefully. It also is crucial to seek those hunting trophies which grant bonuses to this skill’s maximum training level.

The in game help reads:

Skill duration: 4.
Type of skill : neutral skill.
Affecting stats: Con.
It uses 21 endurance points.
Many of the cultists of Tzarakk still share the same primal instincts as wild
animals. In many ways the cultists do share similar traits and taste for
blood, like many beasts of the forest. The senses of the beastmasters are
always sharp and usually it's intrinsic for a beastmaster to act with a gut
feeling rather than to make a careful decision by putting one's mind into it.
To civilized people it's perfectly normal to use their brain, but the brutish
instincts of the beastmaster are often interpreted as barbaric and bestial,
although it's an essential survival mechanism. Many cultists of Tzarakk often
become threatened which may cause them to become infuriated and draw resources
they don't usually have. But it will usually make them less careful as well.
It's common to encounter a cultist who is overwhelmed by bestial frenzy when
they're in melee combat.

Batmud: Impale skill

The generic “Hit something with a polearm” active skill. This skill is similar to pound, slash, and stab. One of the few melee skills that can be used from behind another tank, not that anyone ever does this.

The in game help reads:

Skill duration: 1+(random)/24.
Type of skill : offensive skill.
Party rows    : 1st and 2nd.
Affecting stats: Str/Dex.
It uses 32 endurance points.
Anyone who uses polearms, from pikes to tridents, know that it is to 
their advantage to keep their enemy at a distance and to thrust at them 
as they try to close. If done correctly, one can safely from a distance, 
and strike their foe from one side and push the haft of their weapon so 
the business end comes out the other side. Enemies are much easier to 
deal with when they are lifted up off the ground on a eight foot spear 
placed right through their midsection.


Batmud: Raise mount skill

A Tzarakk can raise up a corpse as a disposable steed with this skill. I don’t know how much utility this skill has. Can it be used to gain a powerfully resistant monster till boot? Can non-tzarakks use it? Does it only work on outerworld monsters?

The in game help reads:

Skill duration: 5.
Type of skill : neutral skill.
Affecting stats: None.
It uses 50 endurance points.
Faithful followers of Tzarakk have been known to employ anything in 
their service - even the corpses of the already dead. While this may 
sound like a powerful capability, there's a drawback - the corpses 
animated by chaos cannot heal on their own, making them more or less 
disposable assets.

Batmud: Trample skill

Damage an enemy by running over it with whatever steed you happen to be riding. A fast, cheap skill, but not spectacular damage wise, especially if riding a sheep.

The in game help reads:

Skill duration: 2.
Type of skill : offensive skill.
Party rows    : 1st.
Affecting stats: Dex.
It uses 10 endurance points.
The mere mass of a rider and his mount can be enough to crush his opponents
underfoot (or hoof, as the case may be). A skilled rider can use his steed's
weight as a weapon, either with a running start or by rearing up. Either way,
the effect can be devastating. Of course, knowledge of combat riding is
required for effective use of this skill.

Batmud: Cast generic skill

This is the core skill for all spellcasting. It helps to succeed in essentially every form of magic. Spells also require proficiency in the cast skill for their cast type for reliable success however.

The in game help reads:

Skill duration: random.
Type of skill : spell casting skill (arcane skill).
Affecting stats: None.
It uses no endurance points.
This skill is the basis upon which a spell caster draws all of
his ability. Imbued in this skill is the general learning
and knowledge of magic and its use. Even the most
basic of incantations require some knowledge of how to
correctly speak the verbal components, and execute the 
proper accompanying physical actions to work. Those who
aren't well schooled in this learning can sometimes get lucky
and successfully employ their power some of the time,
but who wants to trust luck?

Batmud: Cast control skill

This is the cast type skill for control spells.

The in game help reads:

Skill duration: random.
Type of skill : spell casting skill (arcane skill).
Affecting stats: None.
It uses no endurance points.
One family of magic that is as old as magic itself, are
spells that are woven that break the very limits of nature
and its laws. Magical spells that enhance abilites beyond
normal physical limits, and that defy other natural limits,
are part of this type of magic. To cast these spells effectively,
one must learn what makes up the laws that determine what natural
limits are, and how to supercede them.